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Research - Documentation

Research and documentation relating to the issues posed by the Client are fundamental to the provision of updated consulting, with the assistance of our Partners and the support of legal norms and precedents. Research is carried out in the country where the client is interested in initiating or making a claim or challenging any demand made as the basis of a claim by both public and private counterparties.

Advocacy in Court - Consulting

Mr. Balzano and his Partners carry out their professional activities of defending and representing clients before the Courts of First Instance, Arbitration Panels, Provincial Tax Courts, Courts of Appeal, Regional Tax Courts, Court of Cassation and the High Court of Justice, as the case may require.

The decision to undertake Tax Litigation before the competent courts is exclusively dictated by the interests of the client, taking into account not only the probability of a successful outcome but also the consequences of litigation and the probability of success. The above therefore requires careful and meticulous study of the case so as to find the choice that will be most useful for the client, not only from an economic standpoint but essentially considering the advisability of a “Tax Assessment Settlement”, thus choosing an out-of-court procedure over litigation, as also provided for by tax laws.

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